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Computer Repair and Protection You Can Count On!
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  • Helps Protect Your Computer From Loss and Disaster
  • Helps Keep Your Family and Internet Safe & Protected
  • Automatically Backups Your Phone, Computer, Laptop and Tablet
  • Helps Keep Your System Running like Brand New

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8


Remove Pesky Toolbars from Internet Explorer!

Browser Defense removes pesky and annoying Toolbars from your Internet Explorer instantly! This monthly Service keeps you protected from sneaky Toolbars from installing themselves automatically!

See Browser Defense in Action!

Browser Defense: $9.95/mo

FREE Browser Defense with Any Purchase!

Backup Your Phone, Tablet, Laptop and Computer.

Backup Defense backups Your Special Moments, Pictures, Movies, Music and Important Files while helping to avoid disaster and heartache 24/7.

Imagine losing every Picture or Video taken on your Phone!

Safely and securely, store and protect your important files on your Phone, Computer, Laptop or Tablet.

Backup Defense: $49/mo $9.95/mo


Get the Latest Windows Security Updates.

Security Defense ensures your Computers are safely up-to-date and helps protect against new and ongoing threats to your privacy and your Computer month after month.

Security Defense: $49/mo $9.95/mo


Sync Your Phone and Files on the Go!

Smart Sync protects your Smart Phone Pictures, Movies, Music and Files while You're on the Go.

Do you remember the last time you backed up or synced your phone to your Computer?? Imagine your Phone being lost or stolen with all your Precious Memories or Important files!

Smart Sync: $49/mo $9.95/mo


Detect Spyware, Malware and Rootkits

Spyware Defense helps block Computer Infections which can delete your Pictures, Videos, Music and wreak havoc on your Computer Systems!

Spyware Defense provides protection you can count on to help protect you month after month, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Spyware Defense: $49/mo $9.95/mo

FREE Software with Included!

Speed Up Your Computer

Keeps Your Computer Running Like New!

Performance Defense breathes new life into your Computer by running monthly, automatic Computer Repair, System Tune Up, Defrag and speeds up your Internet Browsing by removing unneccessary files.

Performance Defense: $49/mo $9.95/mo


Protect Your Computer from Disaster!

Your Music, Pictures, Vides, Special Memories and Data are as important to us are they are to you.

Preventative Defense monitors and performs SMART checks on your Hard Drive(s) month after month. If there is a problem or a possible failing drive, we'll know before you lose everything you love.

Preventative Defense: $49/mo $9.95/mo


Protect and Defend Against Viruses Today!

What's a Computer Virus?
A Computer Virus is a program, on a computer, that can infect your Computer, Laptop or Tablet, duplicate itself and can move from one of your Computers, Laptops or Tablets to the next!

Viruse Defense keeps you protected month after month, 24 hours day, 365 days a year!

Viruse Defense: $49/mo $9.95/mo

FREE Anti Virus Software with Purchase!


KernBITS specialize in Computer Repair and Backup Services for your Home, Office and Business.

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